(This was translated from my article in Japan by me who are learning English hard:), so there might be unnatural expression..)

I’ve been waiting for the second season of The Great Pretender!

It was great and fun story, there’s a new character named Dorothy, and her relationship with Laurent was described, which made me like Laurent even more.

>The following contains spoilers;





I don’t want to talk about the overall contents of the season, since I’m sure many people have already seen it.

But there was a scene around the end that I couldn’t understand just by watching it once, so I looked it up.

Who is the boy that Cynthia is talking to in the last scene?

The boy Cynthia is talking to at the end, named Kawin (voice actor: Hana Sato), is a human trafficker.
He is the boy who replied, “Escape to where?” when Edamura tried to escape with children in Season 2-2

I guess Cynthia is taking care of him until college.
He seems to be interested in painting.


Who was the man who became the president in the last scene?

The man who became the president is the actor (voice: Akio Otsuka) who played the main character “Razzie” in the movie “The Burning Fortress (English name: Razzie Rising),” which was financed by Eddie Cassano in episode 3 of season 1.

For your information, main character’s line in this movie was;
“You should eat more rice, with chopsticks, of course.”
“I’ve never been beaten in the kitchen.”
“Watch out for paiotsu(boobs)”

Well, I don’t get it. lol

Why this man became president & why Laurent is attached to him as SP is a mystery.
I’m not sure if Razzie is one of them or he’s on a grand mission to fool the whole of America…?


Dorothy is still alive! The last meaningful line.

And after all, Dorothy. I’m glad she’s alive even though she lost her memory.
And I was touched by the fact that Dorothy, who had spent her life without parents, was protected by an elderly couple living by the sea and caring for like a daughter.
However, in the last scene, the words “It’s okay” (looking at the ring) are still GREAT PRETENDER.

The ending made me feel like “What the hell?

I wondered if Dorothy had regained her memory or if she still had an eye for expensive things like jewelry.
I wonder what will happen to Dorothy and Laurent…

I don’t know if there will be a season 3, but GREAT PRETENDER is still making me excited!

By the way, Igarashi from Confidence Man JP was in the show, and it was nice to feel connection between “confidence man world”.

Igarashi was in this place too!